Friday, January 8, 2010

Celeste Top to Toe Salon

Nails looking like shit, so it was time to pamper myself *woohooooo* so me and Cindy berajaking each other to go try out this new place in Hartamas, just behind Souled Out Restaurant. It's a combination of nail parlor with facial and spa treatments along with hair services (cut, dye, wax, etc) and a mini little boutique next to it.

It's quite huge, two lots right next to each other and it looks really funky and bright, so bercantik-cantik. Bright and happy like a 70's parlor kinda feeling.

Guess who tagges along too?

The massage chair for customers to chill while getting a foot massage or a mani and pedicure. The only thing I feel uncomfortable is that I'm facing the main road while I'm doing my pampering session. I mean if I'm wearing a super short skirt or etc then sure chao kong maximus.

The bf getting a foot massage and guess who's sitting in the bag


Peekabooo :)


relievingfrustration said...

u not scared ur dog pee all over the salon's table? :)

Jaclyn said...

hehehe no la they wont
they r well trained

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