Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thai Fish Farm Restaurant

Heading to the Thai Fish Farm Restaurant at Ampang is like a pain in the arse. The trip there was long and really bumpy and insanely scarily dark at a certain road path. It's like going off road in the dark before having to reach the restaurant. Btw, dogs are allowed but only to sit at the outside area, so that the other customers will not complain.

Btw, the restaurant is just further up of Lookout Point. The new little Genting to get a full view of the KL cityline. A bit cooling and chilly on certain days, a very nice place to yam char.

Anyways, back to the Thai Fish Farm Restaurant; it's the same restaurant that is next to the prawn fishing place next to Selayang Mall. Except that this area has more variety of seafood.

I donch like the salted egg squid and the grilled crab is not as nice as expected, so wnat to go Kampung Jawa to try their crabs lor. Btw grilled crab is nicer at Nong and Jimmy :)

Die you crabbies, dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *burn burn grill grill*


KY imitating Sebbie

Me: Sebbie can I take your picture?
Me: #emosebbie -_____________________-

The first dish arrives, very fresh but I still prefer the Dengkil Seafood fish

KY obviously too serious when he's taking photos or at work or food reviews..

Fatty: I'm hungry toooooooo! *eyes pops up*

Kangkung fried with garlic


The crabs are here!

Initially the shop pissed us off because we had to order the crab before we were sat at our table. So after waiting for so long, they came and told us there was no more crabs anymore. WTF? I mean we came all the way to eat the bloody crab lor! And you didn't tell us earlier about the unavailability of the crabs, like you must be kidding me! Thanks to Kim's persistance we managed to get 7 out of the initial 12 or was it 15 that we ordered.

I love the crab's roe

The 7 little crabbies

My favorite dish! Grilled fish with Sea Salt - the other place I tried was somewhere at Sentul or further up.

The salted egg squid

And the grilled lamb, tastes nicer at the one at Selayang


KY said...

I wanna have some crabs now!

Jaclyn said...

Me too!
When we kampung jawa-ing

thenomadGourmand said...

I heard a lot abt this plc's lamb! Now tht u mention Kg Jawa - is it Hing Ket?

Jaclyn said...

Hehe yeah d lamb is damn nais

I haven't tried kg jawa before :(

Myhorng said...

not only pain in the ass but almost pain in the stomach. super late dinner. almost burned down by Fireangel.

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