Monday, February 8, 2010

Cristang Restaurant

Cristang Restaurant
Unit B-G-19,
8 Avenue,
Jalan Jernih (8/1)
Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
+603-7956 7877
Closed on Mondays (why? Because Monday Sucks, read post here)

Just realized that I have been tweeting so much about Cristang but I haven't officially blogged a post about it. We have been patron-ing the place so often that it's never on top of my mind to actually post about it.

Why we like the place to much? Because #porkgang LOVES pork and #porkgang has a mini sub group called #doggang, whereby we have our furkids along with us. We would actually scout around for dog friendly restaurants to bring our pups and Cristang is one of them.

Yes, it is also another dog friendly joint that allows your to bring your pets as long as their are situated outside the restaurant. Do call ahead to book for outside tables as there are limited numbers and you will be fighting with the smokers to get a table. The build-up is a bit small, so you guys won't have a choice.

BTW, the wait for the main dishes, especially the burgers would take about 30 minutes before you get to dig in, as the owner Gerald believes in cooking every burger from scratch, so be rest assured that the wait is worth it, as all burgers and dishes come with as much time and attention to details.

My favorite dish would be the beer soaked bratwurst which is really really succulent and juicy, especially when it comes with the orgasmic mashed potato that has one of the nicest sauce ever. If it's not so carb loaded I can eat it like everyday - oh yes and the price is also super expensive so, can forget it dot com.

How did we discover Cristang? Well it's thanks to my all time friend Cheng Leong, who has been promoting the place non-stop via twitter. So one fine day, me, KY and Ringo decided to head over to try out the pork burger. At that time, there weren't a lot of pork joints around and especially those whom would have pork burger? Who would have heard about it? So we of cos had to go and give it a try! The results? Fantabulous!

Funniest information? Till this day, Cheng Leong HAS YET to even try Cristang out. Memang damn fail dot com! He had been promoting the place left right and center but he has never actually tried out the pork burger there at all. Best part? He mistaken Ninja Joe for Cristang also. *sweat dripping down forehead*

I wanna place a bet with Cheng Leong that he will NOT go and try Cristang out until June or July 2010. :) BTW, KY also blogged about it here.

Skinny Bitch camwhoring

Orgasmic Mashed Potatoes with Awesomesauce sauce!

Bacon and egg soup - YUCKS! Don't ever try it! Too much pepper and too watered down, plus the egg does not blend well with the soup.

You can actually order just the pork pate on its own!

OR personalize your Fried Rice like the bf did - Fried Rice, no vege, lap cheong, bacon bits and additional egg

HUGE serving of lamb chop, which is really juicy and burnt well at just the right places - eg: the fatty fatty parts :) and it comes in 2 huge pieces

The porkk chop

All times favorite P5 pork burger with chili concarne, BTW the wedges actually tastes really good too, it's one of Horny's favorites.

*super heart this dish* as I mentioned above, the beer soaked sausages with orgasmic mashes potatoes and a good serving of greens to accompany all the sinful ingredients!


KY said...

cheng leong memang major fail!

Eric said...

hehehehe yeah.. cheng leong went to Ninja Joe's instead!!!

Sotong said...

Their pork chop are always too salty... >.<

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