Friday, February 26, 2010

Koyuki Wow!

Lol! The smartest dog I've ever met. #koyukiganasbitch learns tricks so fast, make me so proud of my kai lui! Like when she is sick and at the hospital - about to discharge that time, she learn how to do up in a matter of 2 minutes. So geng! *heart* koyuki :) we are so proud of you!

Especially the fact that you are spanking healthy now and pooping reall 'good' shit and enjoying your walks and etc :) Now it's time to recover fully and let's head off to Ruby's chalet for your beach cum holiday expedition! Make us all proud :D

Oh yeah, #koyukiganasbitch also not so ganas dy and she is super duper manja and I love it cos every single time she sees me, confirm make the manja howl like complaining.. Aiseh! Miss her so much oredi!



Simon Seow said...

I still can't get my dog to do this trick sigh.

Jaclyn said...

lol only certain dogs can do so

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