Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Restaurant LYJ for #Porkgang's Official CNY Dinner

Remember my post on the #porkgang pre-CNY dinner at Fitous? Here and I mentioned that we were going to have poon choi for our CNY dinner gathering? Well we did! But after going a whole long process of email communications, phone calls (thanks Kim and BF) and the reluctance to commit a date because it was CNY time and everyone was busy with their respective family chores and commitment, we finally went ahead with it, the second last day of CNY.

Initially it was fully booked as only a certain number of poon choi is accounted for the evening session, fucking disappointed max. Luckily the bf smart called back and told the guy to put him on waiting list just in the event somebody cancels *crossed fingers really tight* and I love you God because the guy called the bf back and said that someone did indeed cancel and it's a green light to head over there :D

So the 15 of us - me, the bf, Ringo, Taka, KY, ST, Kim, Haze, Ruby, Terry + Tina, Sotong, Suan, FA and Horny actually headed all the way to Sungai Buloh (the Kampung Baru Side) to Restoran LYJ that was promoted by and boy was she right! It is actually rather good *saliva dripping oredi* even ah Xiang from the Astro programme came here before as well.

PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kanpung Baru, 47000,
Sungai Buloh, Selangor
Tel: 03-6140 2678

This is actually the first year that mum's family didn't order poon choi for CNY, so I craved it to the max *slurps* - sudah satu tahun tidak makan, tak boleh bikin tidur la! Since none of the #porkgang members have ever tried it before, so must share the greatness of this pot of gold with them laaaaaa.. ZOMG so good! But it is the first time as well that I ate a poon choi that is not in a poon (claypot or literally a tung itself), which is rather interesting because they are trying to make it easier for people to scoop what they want and not mess the whole thing up OR some even ter-mix them together becos they n00b. My favourite section of the dish was not the scallop or prawns, but it was the chicken feet, fucking avid fan of chicken feet lor! I know it looks damn bloody disgusting but its omg nice and especially when you cook it right, like how they did at this restaurant, can pengsan dot com. Make me only wanna order chicken feet and eat *ponders* I wonder if they will allow me to do so :P

The poon choi is know to all as a Hakka dish and traditionally cooked in a pot with individual layers. Some even have the rice at the bottom of the pot, so that all the yummy gravy and juice of the layers of goodness will be absorbed and you can scoop it to eat together with your food.

At LYJ, they have various packages that caters to different number of people - but since we have 15 people, we of cos ordered the 10-12 pax poon choi that contains of the following:-

1/2 Boiled Farm Chicken
1/2 Crispy Roasted Duck
12 Salt and Pepper Prawn
Brewed Ma Yao in home style
Sea Cucumber
Stewed Pork
Fish Maw
Pork Knuckles
Chicken Egg Mushroom

On top of that, we have this..
12 sauteed conch
Shark fin's fried with egg
Brewed Oyster and Pork Ribs
Australia Abalone
And a plate of free fresh kai lan

Sounds damn massively mad right? Luckily the bf insisted that we did not order any additional dishes or not we would have pengsaned! 15 people kenot finish a 10-12 pax bowl of food. I mean we have Kim and ST wei, also go leftover! For the first time! Praise the Lord, let's go buy number LOL jkjk!

PS: I wanna try the lor mai kai. The standard lor mai kai is actually the rice wrapping around the chicken meat. This one is huge because they actually stuff the rice inside the chicken, kinda like a Christmas Turkey stuffing like that. Confirm the rice taste really good becos all the wholesome goodness of the Chicken dripping into the rice and cooked together :D

It is secretly located at a hidden section in Sungai Buloh, if you GPS it then confirm can find. There are two options to head over, one via the old Subang Airport and the other via the NKVE Sungai Buloh - Sierramas way.

All ze fehmes people that has visited the place as well as it's PR articles

Sotong and Suan

The map :)

Ok so it is a must to lou sang during CNY, although we did it so many fucking times, the rest insisted that we did one just for the #porkgang. Kerol's favourite la this dish :D she lou sang addict hehehe!

They lou sang not nais :P luckily we ordered super fucking small dish

All so kan cheong and happy :D

KY messed up most of it lor, but they say the messier it is, the better it is. Dunch understand but anything goes for me la

My small portion

Jerebu in action!

WASEH, all damn happy to see the highlight of the day coming out!

FML! See the scallops! My eyes were like O____O and it is nicely laid on top of the shark fins with egg

I forgot to mention the chicken doesn't taste good but the duck I give 3 starts out of 5 :)

All busy snatching their portion
Made them all stop to pose for me but then the face is like CCB DISTURBING ME WHILE I AM GRABBING MY FOOD! MA CEE BAI HUNGRY LA KAN face :P

Ok this is the Pork Lard Oil Rice, dunch like it, no comments. Wanna know how it taste like, got to, and for their respective views.

Was trying a spoon of the rice, nibbled a bit gave up the whole thing :P

See the face :P not very good ey the expression

The list of poon choi's available

Comes with free desser some more! And we all paid RM 42 each inclusive of beers, FTW!

Group photo hehe before we all headed over to Ruby's to gamble :P

Love you guys loads! *muahs*


KY said...

omg i miss the pork lard rice so much!

suanie said...

i feel full after reading this blog post :P

Sotong said...

why so late one your poon choi post... make me want to eat for my supper now wei... >.<

well, the way you describe the "stop for you to take photo" was 100% right! hahaha... ka ka cau cau for us to grabbing the fooooodddsss!!!! :P

anyway, E.A.T more rice biatch!! :D

Jaclyn said...

KY: hehe I miss d chicken legs

Suan: let's go again!!

Sotong: teehehehe all wanna bish me

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