Monday, March 29, 2010

Restaurant Gasing

I always remembered this Restaurant as a place I really really dislike going to. Why? Because the parents would always bring me n the sis here rather then head over to a Mc Donald's or KFC or A&W, which is every child's heaven. I used to cry and refuse to eat a single thing whilst sitting and sulking on the chair - yeah, I was quite the spoilt last time and just glare at mum or dad until they finish their food. Sometimes of cos they oblige and succumb to my short-temper but other time, they will just let me starve *LOL*

Can't blame me leh! Everyday eat rice as the staple diet makes a small child really sick to bits. Especially when my mum overfeeds me with rice, I always end up puking them out and crying in distress. Really FML max back then - hence now you know the true reason why I don't eat rice. It's got a twist to the story, told you so!

But more then 10 years down the line, I am now such a fan of Chinese food, especially hawker stalls because they sell the best tasting food ever. Really will make you drool non-stop or keep craving for it. And FYI, Chinese food is also the easiest dishes to cook. At one point of time, I was feeling very housewifey, will always come home early to rush and cook for the bf - one thing though, is when I cook, I got no appetite to eat it. It's like I feel I'm super exhausted, just wanna clean up and see ppl enjoy the food and that's it.

Ok back to the restaurant, we were there because we wanted to grab a quick bite before heading over to Ruby's 2nd day celebraation at Gardens and Cookie was chilling at my place. So Taka and Ringo decided that we should all eat together, nearby and leave Cookie, head to Gardens and then pick her up after the party was over.

So hence the reason we took a pit-stop here

The bf

Ringo, super hungry and super filled with lotsa funny cravings the last few weeks. Was in super shock when Taka requested to order 'tit pan taufu', wahseh! This Japanese knows how to eat leh

Yours truly

Some Ching Jing Teo Chew Fish that Ringo ordered. The fish had a bit of smell and the sauce doesn't seem to compliment it nor did it get absorbed into the meat, hence the meat tastes really blend.

The vege was a bit tasteless as well. For healthy people, you would probably like it because no salt and not much oil as well.

The bf wanted the Yam Basket but they ran out, so he ordered eggplant instead. So far the only dish that I like from there. But slightly too salty, probably because it has a bit of Oyster sauce plus salted fish.

And Taka's 'tit pan taufu'dunch like also. Very average tasting.

I think this place is only good at their Hokkien mee and Yin Yong Kungfu Chao mee, not as good as Ah Wah but taste good as well. But not as bad as the one we had 2 weeks ago in KL (same row as Cafe-cafe, will post and bitch more about that soon)


-JayLeo™- said...

woot. the Rajoo outside my house.. yea. my parents rather bring me for this than fastfoods durin those days =S

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