Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant

No.26 Jalan SS2/10,
Chow Yang SS2,
Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-7877 7659, 012-378 9618

Goddamn it! So sad that I was missing out on the opportunity to head for the Tiesto rave in Bangkok *sob sobssss* (all my friends had a blast and some still konked in bed as I type this post, so unfair ) miss partying with these bunch of awesome nutty friends lor. Heading with them to Sillypore for Lady Gaga was such a blast, I can imagine that it would have been way more fun in Bangkok. *bawlssssssss*

Anyways, back to the Thai relation in this story, #porkgang had not seen each other for close to 8 days due to the recent celebration of Chinese New Year and hence most those whom were around gathered together and had Thai food for dinner. I wouldn’t say that the Thai food is great nor would I say that it actually sucks – this opinion is a bit biased as I am not quite a fan of spicy food (please bear in mind that Thailand’s authentic Thai food like the Tom Yum soup is actually more towards the sour-ish side rather than the super giler babi spicy thing that they call soup here)

The pricing here is actually rather expensive and it costs RM 25-26 per person (which we shared among the 8 of us, which is over RM200+), for slightly of that price I would actually recommend that you head over to Khun Tai at the Taman Petaling area. That comes with the yummy fish as well as Otak-otak (with loads of prawn and sotongs), deep fried morning glory, and a lot more, confirm got 10 dishes one. And less then RM20 a person for 10 people and definitely can feed more then 10 as the portions are pretty big too for a 10 course meal.

KY and Kim entertaining themselves with the new pet vent that I bought for Fatty and Ally, KY is pretending that it is an olden days punishment tool “kiap the sao chi”

KY is demonstrating how the pet fender can be used as a clamp as well.

Nah see! And the grip is pretty good as well! LOL

KY damn bad, trying to kiam Kerol, lol!

Then the first dish that arrived, the Green Curry Chicken, it tastes moderate and portion a bit small.

The vegetables, I ish also dunch like , had one strand only

The Tom Yam soup is too spicy for my liking. Almost choked on it on the first sip and one thing I don’t like about Tom Yam soup is that they put the smelly vegetable thing inside the soup *points* (in Chinese it is called “Chow Choi” but I’m not too sure what the English word is). But the good thing about the soup is that it has a lot of ‘liew’ inside it – eg: mushroom, prawns, chicken and a lotsa sotong. Ended up giving up my bowl of soup so that I can dip in to the fish gravy / soup instead, wayyyyyy better.

Cuttlefish cooked with assam sauce, the cuttlefish is not over cooked and the assam sauce is appetizing but I don’t like it because the chilli is too overwhelming that it burns up the tongue and straight you lose out the taste of sotong – or probably too busy washing it down your throat with water.

The deep fried egg with crab meat, honestly I couldn’t taste any crab meat inside. Not even a single strand, even Ringo complaint about it. LOL! This dish a bit fail dot com and it doesn’t have the yummy taste of fried egg that Vichuda has. I think telur dadar the best is still Vichuda but that one is a bit oily, but give and take la, just take a tissue and dab off all the oil then can dy :D

The lady boss is actually really friendly and considerate, as she prepared two different kinds of sauce for the fish that we ordered – because not all of us wanted the super spicy fish. I think I can just order the fish and eat this the whole night, end of story kthxbai. Seriously it is really really awesome and appetizing with the sour taste and just a tinge of spiciness (this little tinge I can accept) and solely just drinking the soup / sauce is enough. It actually tastes almost as good as the one I had before in Bangkok with ShaDar.

The pandan leave chicken, didn’t have any nor did the bf tried any so I ish kenot comment but just show u pwetty pictures only HOHO :D

Thank you Suan for distributing the Tom Yam, love ya loads :D


KY said...

i wouldn't really say expensive la considering what we ordered. 7 dishes or something

suanie said...

fuwah skinny angle of me! i love u loads also heheheheh

Sotong said...

Learn to eat spicy food!!! Otherwise you'll missed a lot of nice foods!!! :D

Sotong said...

and suanie, you look so skinny maybe this fatty is beside you!
hhahahaahahah :P

Jaclyn said...

KY: it is lor, considering that Eric didnt really eat. If he did, the portion would not have been enough. So the price quite the pricey. Plus only the fish is something to really rave about leh

Suan: lol *winkz*

Sotong: I tried to! now considered good dy! Last time a bit also kenot and then if I eat like chilli padi always kena fever LOL and eating chilling gives me head rash

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