Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Torn Between

I dunch know if it seems to be the right or wrong move. Seems as if I'm violating her privacy or her rights? Yeah it may be a call of nature but what if she was emotionally or driven or reacting without thinking? Then it would seem like a pretty wrong thing to do. Lots of them had mentioned that I was over reacting or just plainly thinking too much. But it does make me feel like after it is done, she is no more a baby, how do I react to that? What am I going to do?

Last Saturday actually proved me wrong when she was actually initiating a reaction from the opposite party and when the opposite party refused to acknowledge her, she actually complained - something that she has never ever done before. Could it be because she knows that her biological clock is ticking? Or that she wants to be one? Or that she knows that I was another one? I also dunch know! :(

This Wednesday, the stud is coming over to have a view of the place. Wonder if they will get a long, as she is super choosy, FOL. Then Imma also worried that something may happen. After Chili, I've been a bit traumatized by the whole incident as well. Tell me what to dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...


KY said...

just let fatty do it! :D

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