Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ka Wha Korean BBQ Restaurant, Bangsar

20-1, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
(Above Mak Koh Restaurant)

Contact: 03-2184 7762

This Korean Restaurant is buffet style at RM48 nett per person. They are actually a dog friendly joint, hence the bf insisted on bringing the 2 pups along with us for dinner. Do bring your dog along, if you want them to smell like BBQ LOL! If you can't sand the smell, just bring them for a shower the next day.

I like the idea that the doggies are allowed to sit on the chair itself, like any other human and treated well. They have no complains or never insist that the dogs have to sit on the floor or something.

The food there is moderately good, but give them extra 10 points for allowing dogs :P I don't actually like the idea that it is buffet style (although it is order from menu buffet) because the small Korean Dishes that they provide at the side is actually rather limited and doesn't have my favorite Potato Salad *sad face*

But okla, RM96 split between 4 people only 24 a person *roflol*

Fatty and the bf, so happy :)

The menu.. Some of the dishes, we are only allowed to order 1 serving a person. I actually ordered some mussels thing, but they forgot *phews* cos I was too full already.

The bf was actually not that good, but the pork strips were quite good.

She was super delighted when the food arrived

Ally behaving herself :)

She can has BBQ? No, she is WISH so :P

Some fish ball side dish, not really good cos a bit spicy and a tad too oily


Fresh vegetable to wrap your BBQ-ed goods

The pork and the beef

Chicken drumstick, the marination is actually quite unique and tasteful

The lamb is my favorite dish amongst all

See the greedy face

There are friend stuff available as well, but not really good

But if you do head there, don't forget to try out the Stewed Pork, it is really sweat and juicy and the sauce is actually very appetizing



cleffairy said...

Cilaka! I not yet eat bfast oredi saw this. OMg, so sway la. Cabut first and eat den oni come back read. *groan*

Sotong said...

Fatty looks so CUTE!!! errr.. I mean the small fatty ar.. don't misunderstanding ya :P HAHAHHAHA

Ally cute too... poor ally :(

cleffairy said...

LMAO-ed so hard at Sotong's comment. Ahemm...I'm so bad liddat. LOL...

Oh ya, now that I makan-ed d...why Ally's head stuck in that thing wan?

Jaclyn said...

my food post always makes u hungry!

sotong she is riteee

Garfield said...

the foods looks nice
and good to see there is another restaurant that allow ppl to bring pets

cleffairy said...

I very cham long as food post, confirm hungry. Blog-o-sphere not really safe for me to see when I'm hungry. *SOBS*

Jaclyn said...

hehe garfield, if u know any other dog friendly restaurants let me know k

cleff u always lapar wei ehhehe

SaSa said...

lol whay happened to Ally kid?
i been there b4, although 1 person allow to order 1 dish, sound kiam but in fact cant finish 1 (ed. 4 pax wan to order 4 set)hahaha

Jaclyn said...

ally a? got pass in her eyes but ok d lor heheh
now so happy running around without her cone

Garfield said...

i usually only seek for those which allow cats to enter, coz if they dun allow cats to enter, then i can't enter already

Jaclyn said...

why a?

cleffairy said...

Cis... that garfield, lame joke... cuz he's a cat ma. =.= *pengsan*

Garfield said...

coz i am a cat mah!

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