Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lunch with Redmummy

Lunch dates with Redmummy has always been a fun galore. She will be updating me on new bags that is in the market or that she has a eye on - which artists carry what bag. And you what is the best part? She actually can remember the codes for certain bags as well and I used to think I was better at remembering (then I realized I only remember for those that I want or like) but she does for all!! Seriously, like literally ALL the bags that is in the market, she knows the name, the code and probably even the pricing as well. Seriously how to not have fun with her?

Wanna distract Redmummy at anytime? Just point to a pretty looking bag and her attention will sway towards the other side even within a snap of your fingers. Keng right? Super kengs!

She is one of the friendliest and nicest blogger around and it never cease to amaze me that every time I talk to her, I learn new things :D but really hate the idea that there are people whom would actually make use of her (probably because she is too nice and kind) and then drop her off like a used piece of tissue. But I guess there are many weird kind of people out there and as a friend would say "10 people, 10 different types of characteristics".

Now to entice you with yummy food pictures at Aseana cafe, KLCC.

Ground Floor Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603 - 2163 5701

Their Ceaser Salad with beef bacon (that is not fried or overcooked) the portion is not that huge, that I could actually finish it. And it tastes really appetizing as well, especially for the beef bacon - its a bit salt-ish like cold beef cute kinda taste but way better than that.

Keropok Lekor! One of my all time favorite Malay snacks. I like the idea that rather then giving you the whole piece, they slice it into smaller pieces that are bite size so you can slowly munch and savor the taste. Not too oily as well, but of cos being at Aseana Cafe, it is a bit too pricey to eat lekor there.

Redmummy has shit loads of handbags, like more than her hand can extent out :P

Me and Redmummy *hearts* btw she doesn't look like a mummy to two kids right? LOL!


cleffairy said...

*SULK* Never ajak me go makan makan. *SULK. T_T Put up food again, I very cham liao. T_T just woke up now hungry aaaaahhh *SOBS*

On a more serious note...I felt as if I've being used too by certain blogger for certain reason and I come to realized, that many out there are not sincere when they befriend me. =( I felt some sort of disposable diaper. :( Pakai me, den buang. :(

You see... only this year I started to go out and mingle with bloggers, and met many kind of people, though I wun reveal my identity to everyone.

Most of them are very nice and some of two of your visitors...Smallkucing and Claire, they're bloggers turned very close friends, and both treated me like their own sister and spoiled me rotten-prolly becoz of the age gap;me being the younger one. They're always there for me when I needed them, and I really feel paiseh sometimes that they often send me gifts and whatnot. (Especially smallkucing). They are the reason why i wish I can be rich sometimes, just so that I can treat them and pamper them as well.

I used to be very reserved, Jac. I dun really make friends with ppl online,cus i thought it'll be useless. But Claire and Smallkucing, both taught me that despite of the bad people out there who will use us to the max, there will be some angels who will be there for us when we need a shoulder to cry on or to bitch our hearts out.

Jaclyn said...

lol sad isnt it?
but i guess thats life
especially when there is so many pathetic ppl around or those that are too free and nothing better to do

cleffairy said...

Yes.. it is sad when things turns sour when ppl pakai buang u. :( But den, it's like what you say la... it's life experience. Something we have to experience to make us wiser.

Зו В๑๑i™ •× said...

nom!! looks super yummy!!

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