Monday, April 26, 2010

Revisit to La Castle Cafe

13:A, Jalan Desa,
2/8, Desa Aman Puri,
52100 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6277 6127

Open daily (except for Wednesdays) from 10am-10pm

Since Cookie was bunking over with Fatty and Ally for close to 2 weeks, so the bf and I decided to bring her out with my two monkeys and enjoy dinner with us. Especially after having a look at La Castle Cafe's Facebook page that shows that there is a new play pen for the doggies at their place. That really tickled my fancy. Looks so fun and nice! :)

Ally showing the sad face because she doesn't want to be left alone in the play pen. She does that really often especially at foreign places. She really loves sticking close to me and the bf, especially me lor. So she is like my baby :)

And lookie here, Fatty and Ally met a new Schnauzer friend called Chloe. She belongs to the owner of the shop and is super cutes! So shy wor, but very kwai.

Cookie wants to play with her as well ;)

Chloe making new friends

Then she got a bit scared and decided to hide under my chair, teeheeee

Look at where Chloe is hiding

And back she comes again

And off she runs to hide again! I think it tickled Ally's fancy because there is someone as shy as her

There's even a bottle in the play pen for the furkids to quench their thirst

Somehow the cushion seems to tickle Cookies fancy

Then she wanted to nom the metal chair

The bf trying out a new drink. Quite yummy and sourish

The Noodles

Can I have some Mummy?

Drenched the noodles with curry

Cookie can has some?

Peanut Butter and Majerin bread :)

And a cheese and ham toasted bread

* tempts Cookies *

Super poser!

Hehe! Cookie looks so tired after a long night

Close eyes and nap first! TTFN!


Eric said...

hehehe its not closed on wednesdays lah, just SOME saturdays...

Simon Seow said...

Oh, I didn't know Aman Puri has such a cool place. Seldom go over to Aman Puri even though it's quite near lol. I hate the jam at the cross road.

joshuaongys said...

nom the metal chair...... LOL!!!!!!!

cleffairy said...

Wahhhhh.... got playpen for doggies wan! First time I see... o.O Your furkids must have been enjoying themselves... and Cookie...Cookie looks so big in there! LOL...

*dies* The melted cheese and ham on toast makes me hungry. Now I go makan first. LOL...

KY said...

waaaaaa so many picthuresssssss

Jaclyn said...

isit? i tht it was stated closed on weds

simon haha got u shld go try

joshua ahaha yeah everyting oso nom

cleff ahaha u always see my page den lapar go makan

ky hahaha i know rite lol

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