Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pacific Coffee House, Kuala Lumpur

Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

(next to the Jaguar showroom, behind Trinidad)

If you are thinking what I'm about to share, yes it is!!! This is the actual Pacific Coffee that is available in Hong Kong!!! YES!!! SCREAMSSSS!!! So bloody happy when I actually saw that it has opened in Malaysia. And 2 branches as well, one in Puching and the other one in Pavilion, KL. *jumps with joy* do little skips are cartwheels as well~

When me and the bf were there at Westin, KL we just crossed the road and got ourselves a cup. Well not really coffee this round because I'm overdosed on coffee in recent times, too much work to do, coffee helps calms my nerves and all. So we got a Vanilla blended, farking bloody nice, nicer that Coffee Bean's pure Vanilla ice-blended times 100000000000000000 times la.

Too bad they haven't brought in the fugging awesome scones and cream cheese as well as the bottled Kiwi juice. Both of my favorites at Pacific Coffee. But I'm sure in a few months time it will be available *cross fingers*

The array of pastries available. It has the same chocolate cake that is available at Jarrod and Rawlins *slurps*

The look and feel is exactly like the ones in Hong Kong! Makes me miss Hong Kong even moreeeeeee *sobsssssssssss* Miss all the Hong Kie friends as well! Faster come back or fly me over there :P

The coffee sizes

I wanna go back and get one NOW, WTF!


昱廷昱廷 said...


Eric said...

Vanilla Snowflake FTW!!!!!!

thenomadGourmand said...

wahh..really sooo good?
I dun drink coffee but I think i wil wait fro the scones!
But if the cake is same as J&R then it is supplied by Just Heavenly..

Jaclyn said...

it is!!! damn nice
go try it hehe vanilla snowflake tarak coffee

ohh is it?? just heavenly is the one that has a stall outside BSC chillis right

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