Thursday, June 3, 2010

Richwell Seafood and Sharkfin Restaurant, SS2

Once again we on a roving eyes to lookout for new places to try and fill up our tummies. I initially wanted to head over to Greenview Restaurant (yes, the famous Sang Har Sang Mee restaurant with a track record of having mouse pee on their table cloth? Don't know how true is that but so far *touch wood* nothing has happened to me after makan-ing there) but the bf always insist on NOT going there. Don't know why but the Sang Har Sang Mee is just awesome but effing expensive because it is like RM 28 per person. They also have the best Salted Egg Crabs there as well, don't even talk about the price :P

Parking there can sometimes be a pain in the arse, especially when the place is flocked with tourists and the bus rampage takes over the parking spaces available, so unless you park in Menara Merais, basically its fucking difficult to get a parking spot. So we did a few rounds and then kept wondering at the other corner, there is a new restaurant called Richwell Seafood and Sharkfin Restaurant (the immediate end of Greenview) and looks quite interesting. So after much contemplation, we decided to jump in and try it out. It looks pretty empty but they had parking spots available, so looks good. I kinda had a gut feeling dogs will be allowed. Will probably try and see the next round if we do go again.

Here's the menu of their famous dishes ala Chef Recommendation

The interior doesn't really look like a chinese restaurant if you don't look at the way the dishes are being displayed. They are probably trying to go for a modern and comfy kinda Chinese restaurant to attract a younger crowd.

The staff are super friendly and there was only 2 other tables out there which had patrons who seemed to be chilling and playing cards here. The location is super prime because it catches the eyes but a tad too noisy as the heavy traffic of cars are quite disturbing. Probably one of the reasons why there ain't too many people.

Then we ordered their Sang Har Mee in a different style, honestly it doesn't really taste that different from another other Sang Har Mee but the portion is huge, what is lacking would probably be the size of the prawns. The sauce is quite savory and the orangey sauce is probably the mix with the egg, which makes it yummy and not too starchy at the same time.

*lick lips*

Then we ordered some side dishes to try, Deep fried eggplant with Chicken floss, or was it Pork floss? Can't quite remember. But this dish is a bit too funky for my liking. Probably due to the fact I was drinking Coconut water, which causes the floss to taste a bit funny, so didn't quite match well with the eggplant. However the eggplant is sliced at just the right size and not oily as well, although it is deep fried - eggplants have the tendency to absorb tons of oil when not cooked properly.

Then the Tung Por meat. Horny could immediately tell that the sauce was too watery, which is probably the reason why the sauce didn't taste that good. Don't get me wrong, the dish is actually rather tasty and look at the pork meat, so succulent and tender, cooked just right, not too dry or too soft. But sauces do play an important row to garnish the taste of your dish. Kim would actually like this dish a lot, cos the meat is just yums!

It came in big pieces and they actually cut it smaller for you

Comes accompanied with mantau as well, to dip with the sauce. IF the sauce was better, this dish would definitely be to die for, like our awesome sauce Tung Por meat at Dengkil Seafood Restaurant! *SLURPSSSS*


FooDcrazEE said...

phew! thought u guys are gonna kill sharks again. . .lolz

Eric said...

oooo u r making me hungry liao.

taufulou said...

damm..masuk wrong blog such an early day~

Jaclyn said...

now all hungry
no la didnt kill sharks wei lol

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