Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Next IMDB :D

If you are movie buff like a lot of friends that I know, I’m pretty sure you would be rather familiar with IMDB, the portal that gives you a review and ratings of all the latest movies in the cinemas at the current moment. Well now we have our own localized IMDB, which is Cinema Online!

Cinema online not only allow you to view their ratings and reviews (of cos at a more localized persons perspective), you will be able to view and check out show times, trailers, latest news and even show times. Apparently that’s not all they can provide. They also run contests weekly and have a forum for movie buffs to give their own pov of the movie that they have watched.
So quickly hurry to now and start fiddling around but at the meantime for updates, become a fan of their Facebook page

If you haven’t realized, runs a weekly movie give away, thanks to Cinema Online and all you have to do is answer simple questions and you will be laughing Hahah all the way to the cinema with your free movie tickets. So in order not to lose out, hurry and Like Hahah on Facebook now so you can walk away with your own pair of movie passes.

I got mine to watch Beastly tomorrow ;) see you guys there!


Eric said...

wahhhh awesomeeee

Shanker said...

Whoa! memang super cool website wei! thanks for the tip! ;)

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