Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On The Table, Solaris Dutamas

On The Table, World Cuisine
A4-UG 1-08
Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
T: +603 6207 9966

Business Hours
Mondays to Saturdays : 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
Sundays : Closed

Many foodies may be very familiar with On The Table, cos it has actually been around for some time. The restaurant is owned and headed by a friendly and good looking Chef Ritz, the son to our Malaysia famous Chef Wan. Chef Ritz wanted On The Table to be a host to all types of World Cuisines, something that most restaurants out there are not able to. Trust me, you will be surprised when the food comes from a variety of Mee Goreng Mamak down to Mushroom Melt Burgers, they all taste fantabulous.

** Do also bear in mind that if you would like special dishes to be prepared, you can call ahead and make bookings and arrangements with Chef Ritz. You can bring your own wine to On The Table, just let Chef Ritz know and he will pair it for you.

The entrance to On The Table
Picture stolen from :P

Yup, you can decide on dishes from across the globe and the Chef will get it done for you

To begin the lovely dining experience, we were started with a bowl of Caesar Salad (RM 23). Filled with yummy cherry tomatoes, it wet our appetites before the main dishes started pouring in. The vegetables are fresh and I love the idea that the cheese is hardened and shaped as part of the decor for this dish.

Our lovely Chef Ritz came to introduce himself and gave a little explanation on what On The Table is about and what he has install for us for the night.

Veloute of Pumpkin Soup (RM 26)

Then next came the pumpkin soup with scallop (a few nice thick pieces yum!) the soup was yummy and we all wanted more. The bf was supposed to join us, so we actually set aside some soup for him but after he decided otherwise, our dear friend wallop the rest. Jason did the same too, for the Caesar Salad LOL! I'm not a big fan of pumpkin soup but this is one of a kind. But second to my mum's pumpkin soup! Sorry but her pumpkin soup has pork bones inside (AND IT TASTES LIKE SIEW YOKE) - On The Table is a halal cuisine, hence there is no trace of pork anywhere :P

They have their own customized plates and bowls inscribed with their logo

Then we were served with special drinks. I can't quite remember their names but they taste pretty good as well. Just open my blog page and point it to the Chef or the waiters la :P

Then came the Mee Goreng Mamak (RM 18) with super fresh prawns. I didn't have that much to try but I clearly remembered it tasting good. Something that the bf would actually like to have. And of cos nicer than Mamak stores as well. Well for the price you pay, you will be disappointed and upset if it wasn't.

Spaghetti Boscaiola in cream sauce (RM 36)

This is a MUST TRY OR WILL REGRET dish. All of us - especially Jason was so impressed with the dish, he wanted a 2nd round, which we did order eventually but without the Spaghetti. The foam that you see is actually mushroom foam and the cream sauce with shitake mushroom is so creamy and yummy, it makes my mouth water as I am typing. *drools*

Mushroom Melt Burger (RM 23)

To all Chili's burger fan. I think you may want to switch location to try our this burger instead. It juicier, chunkier, and has blue cheese which make the beef taste so good! Even better than the Chili's ranch burger, hands down. As Ken mentioned a true American Burger. This is also a MUST TRY at On The Table - especially looking at the price, it is cheaper than Chili's burger itself.

Nasi Goreng Kerabu (RM 23)

Seabass Sweet and Sour (Based on Market Rate)

This sweet and sour seabass was not cooked with the traditional sweet and sour sauce but it was brilliantly tweaked to use with Dragon Fruit to bring out the sweet and sourness. I'm not really a fan of seabass - hence I didn't actually take a bite. So do try it out for yourself to see the verdict

To end this beautiful dinner, we were served with scrumptious dessert platter. Honestly we were all feeling like dead fishes cos we were so full, can 'fan tou' already but then again, who can resist such a beautiful display of dessert. The Chocolate Fondant was brilliant, normally they are served to hard on the outside and causes it to stick to your teeth - not a very nice sight when you go on a date with a guy that you like lol. But this one has a just nice texture soft and really warm and rich on the inside. Some people may think it too wet, but I feel it is really nice cos it blends well with the outer layer.

Dragon Fruit Panna Cotta

You must be like UGHHHHH are you serious? That sounds gross doesn't it? Well it actually does not and the taste of Dragon Fruit actually compliments the Panna Cotta. Yum! I won't mind having another dish. If you have realized, Dragon Fruit is actually a significant fruit used for On The Table as wel - hence the Dragon Fruit Fish earlier.

For more reviews on our dining experience at On The Table, check out Taufulou and Aliesez


simonso said...

eatttttt allll lahhhhhh!

John Wu said...

Very disappointing with the food. We tried Taglitelle Frutti Di Mare and Mussel Carbonara. The mussels were made from the frozen / cooked half shell and they were awfully dry. Forget about the pasta as prawns were smelly and squid not cooked. We just finnished the pasta with the sauce and left all the seafood there! We walked in with a smile and left without saying anything to each other. It was a big mistake!

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