Monday, June 27, 2011

So What Did I Do Wrong?

And so the feedback I got were:-

1) Yoga – Hehe I do that everyday, it’s like my bible. Yoga helped me a lot in improving my sinus but doesn’t seem to help when it comes to good night sleep

2) Think of Daphne when I sleep – haha sounds so lesbo, but I do I do! I do dream of you babe LOL! But not in the wrong way of cos

3) Seeing the doctor – he just said I was too stress and need to cut down on workload LOL

4) Don’t drink water before I sleep – I don’t do that lor, still the same

5) Don’t drink beer before I sleep – I want to say I haven’t been drinking BUT I have been, but I definitely take time off from drinking before going to sleep haha – unless of cos if I’m drunk *ahem* recent trip to Singapore was so bad, I only slept a total of 10 hours for the 4 days and 3 nights - will drop dead dot com

6) Drink a glass of warm milk – yummm but I get too full I cant sleep wor

7) Do things I love before going to sleep – I’ve been burning the night oil with some series like Simpsons and The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, gets too kan cheong I just go on and on haha BAD AITELYU! And listening to the music I tend to sing along oso mgh kenot also, and my mum can hear me and she asks me to shuddup and go sleep LOL

Tried all of that and it doesn’t work ;( how now? Then S tells me to take 5-HTP (, which actually helped me to sleep throughout the night – somehow like a sleeping pill. Then when I did a search on it, it actually has side effects similar to sleeping pills. So in the long run that aint to good isn’t it? It is like a serotonin relaxant and that’s it.

I wouldn’t mind continuously taking this, cos it is like a lower dose of sleeping pills – rather used to that as well, as I used to take them when I fly in the plane because I can’t sleep and when I’m super stress and I get insomnia. All these were diagnosed by my doctor, cos I kept going back to tell him I couldn’t sleep and I just kept puking, they couldn’t find anything wrong with me and till he asked me to go on leave, gave me sleeping pills and I got better. Better than one of the doctors I went to when my regular doctor wasn’t around. He preached to me and said I had to find God, or else I won’t be at peace and will continue to be like that. Can you imagine? He held me back in the room for 30 over minutes, made me pass my number to him then only will he release me. Hallo?! That was so bad, and half the time listening and trying to concentrate I had a waste paper basket in front of me so I can puke and concentrate at the same time. Geez..

Then not long came Harmoni drink! Jeng jeng jeng! Like Superman appearing image* It looks horribly disgustingly green – reminds me of the Barley Green drink that my mum used to force me to drink when she was young. But don’t judge a book by its cover, lol the drink actually tastes like Tangs Orange powder juice drink ok – brings back memories~

At the first week I was like wth I really don’t feel any difference after taking the drink whilst other people were raving about how good they feel after having the drink then I spoke to A and I think he felt like strangling me because I actually didn’t realize that I have been sleeping through the night – eh hello how would I know la. I thought its like memory black out ma. I had no clue right? I only realized that hey how come when I go to the toilet early in the morning, I take so long to dispose of unnecessary toxins.

The good thing I like about this (although the effects felt isn’t that fast – according to Mum, it must be because my body is healthy woot*) is that it is made of a lot of natural ingredients and herbs – I will get to that boring part perhaps in the next post, so please hold your horses there. It would mean that there would be no side effect as compared to a drug like 5-HTP.


simonso said...

Never think of me also..

frostier said...


fascinating this Harmoni drink. Got picture how it looks like?

next week when yumcha, can bring 1 pack for me? I also got insomnia leh. stress from work also.

William Leong said...

use a week's time to try to re-tune your internal clock.

sleep latest by 11pm by hook or by crook. see how it turns out a week later.

Miyagestore said...

ohhh..really effective ah? i want to be jeng jeng jeng too . .:p

Jaclyn said...

simon: u a? no need say d, always in my heart LOL

frostier: can can~ i let u try :)

william: how to sleep at 11pm hehe u know i sometimes 5am oso belum tido cos insomnia

miyage: hehe so it seems wor.. i try longer then let u know further ^^

Eric said...

Perhaps you might need a longer holiday. =)

Wingz said...

if not enuff sleep can drink this harmoni one anot?

email2me said...

Got pork flavor one or not? Eric sure agree wif me ....


Daphne Charice said...

AWWWWWWWW, so sweeeeeeeeet <3

5-HTP? Good stuff...
Share lahhhhh...

Jaclyn said...

Sounds like a plan! on you?

Jaclyn said...

Wingz: apparently you can sleep thru like a baby wor

Email2me: LOL meds and pork flavor seems abit out LOL

Daphne: OH YEAH hor u also got sleeping prob rite? lol still got insomnia a? Btw try the origins eye cream to reduce dark circles

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